What is coaching?

Coaching, unlike counselling, CBT, or other therapeutic techniques, is primarily concerned with facing you forwards. It acknowledges where you are, asks where you want to go, and helps you get there.

It's support with challenge: the kind you wish you always had.

Who have I coached?

I have coached Board members and Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Directors, senior leaders, middle leaders, and self leaders. I have coached mums and dads, family and friends. I sometimes coach myself.

No one is above it, beyond it, or not in need of it. Coaching levels and supports and asks the question: who will you be?
I thoroughly enjoy being an appointed coach to the Clore Social Leadership Programme, which is a London based charity dedicated to improving the quality of leadership across the social sector.

There is nothing like a one on one...


"Mark has an ability to quickly and subtly uncover the deepest train of your thoughts and challenge these in the context of how life is subsequently played out in your own reality. He displays such depth of knowledge that in every session lies significant learning of oneself and other areas of interest. Mark has such a gentle approach to his coaching that I often had light bulb moments long after the coaching had finished that suddenly made everything we had talked about click into place for my life.

I still continue to transform my life today. I have had the courage and bravery to do things and change things I could only ever have imagined previously."

Ciara Hassan, HR Director, Feb 2010

"Mark has a great skill in enabling clients to discover their true potential and to find the best route to achieving their goals, whether in their career or their personal life. Mark's feedback is always honest and straightforward, challenging and results oriented. He has a unique ability to guide and coach whilst at the same time, allowing the client to manage their own journey. I would highly recommend Mark for his enthusiasm, professionalism and ability to deliver change powerfully and with lasting impact."

David Boardman, Comms & Engagement Director, Jan 2010

"Mark did some great team building work for my management team... I can highly recommend Mark. He was highly motivational and inspirational, not to mention being a thoroughly decent and grounded bloke. I have also been the recipient of some of Mark's insightful personal development work myself, for which I am very grateful and better for it."

Steve Clark, Managing Director, Dec 2009

"I attended a Leadership course led by Mark a year or so ago. It was (by a stretch) the best course I have attended in over 20 years of professional experience. Mark is inspiring, humble, friendly and a true expert in his field. He created an environment on the course which enabled people to be open and honest and to learn in a very positive way. I still use the learnings almost every day; and just last week introduced the idea of "transformational leadership" to a group of colleagues. I would happily recommend Mark to any organisation."

Mike Olson, Head of Marketing, Dec 2009

"I have had the privilege of being coached by Mark. The benefits which I gained from his expertise are immense and I will always be grateful for his guidance which helped to unlock the transformational leader in me. His style and way of working is second to none and would recommend Mark whole heartedly as a leadership coach and mentor."

Cees Mols, Procurement Director, Nov 2009

"Mark is without question the most inspirational mentor, business coach, life coach, and leader I have come across in my lifetime, Not only does he speak from a wealth of experiences, he is extremely skilled at getting you to realise what your potential is, and that reaching your potential is within your gift."

Ian Golding, Customer Experience Director, Nov 2009

"I cannot recommend Mark more highly. He is a superb facilitator who very quickly creates a climate of trust with the groups he works with. He is also an excellent coach with a unique ability to support and challenge people to be the change they want to see - both personally & professionally. Mark is an expert in his field, is passionate about what he does and will leave a lasting impression on the organisations and people lucky enough to work with him."

Dorothy Matthew, Change Director, Nov 2009

"I would recommend Mark for his expertise, challenging approach and ability to get great results. I recently asked Mark to help me prepare myself for a new business venture which achieved over and above my expectations. All this, done with intelligence, humour and superb outcomes. Highly recommended for your business!"

Savina Barnes, Buying Director, Nov 2009

“Mark's charismatic style and his engaging personality assist in his ability to inspire as a presenter. His intuitive tact and diplomacy allow him to deal with openess at the highest level, promoting the degree of self-awareness required for meaningful and lasting individual and organisational change to be achieved. Given the option I would choose Mark above any other change agent I have ever worked with.”

Andy Williams, Leadership Development and Change Consultant, Aug 2009

"Mark has added considerable value to the business. I have benefited personally from his wise counsel as has the broader management team. Mark has the ability to get to the issues and encourage a positive solution and builds an environment of trust.”

Nigel Cliffe, Brand Director, Sept 2007
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Depending on your circumstances, coaching is either charged by the session (sessions being 2hrs) in blocks of three sessions, or 'what you think it's worth'.

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