not drowning but waving: £1m to the bottom line

Culture as the defining currency of performance

tier 1 - direction setting: 'Dominant Logics'

Cultural change can only really start - it definitely doesn't end here, but it does start - with those who are responsible for setting the direction, tone, and style throughout the organisation. Our systemic method of consulting requires more of you than you may think. Not for the faint hearted, this level of engagement is really only for organisations that need to look deeply and lastingly at how they do business and interact with the world.

Suitable for those looking to make a real difference, establish different definitions of success, and who have an interest in making meaning as well as profit.

tier 2 - how we organise ourselves

The next level in looking at systems is to look at the patterns of behaviour - how the lived experience of being within your organisation is played out. Who holds authority? How do individuals and teams make decisions? Where is the formal and informal activity and where is the power?

If your organisation has a clear vision and direction, and knows the values it holds dear, your issues may be to do with the shared view of leadership. We would work with you to diagnose and establish your priorities, then design and deliver individual, team, and cross-functional interventions to address the desired changes to culture.

We view a networked, relational approach to leading, not hierarchical, as being a more impactful and useful paradigm in today's business and organisational world.

tier 3 - the AMP methodology

The impact of discrete interventions can sometimes be overlooked. Where a team or individual is able to galvanise around important concepts and a clear purpose, real and lasting change can happen. We have developed, in association with Cultivate Talent, a proprietary methodology that combines the research of Daniel Pink and operational modelling.

The method focuses on Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose as the three keys concepts in driving effective business behaviour and reward mechanisms. Around it we have created a powerful individual and team method used to establish clarity, the right environment, how things get done and are developed, and how relationships are cultivated both in the team and in the team's network.

Using the AMP, we have appled action learning principles and work with individuals and teams back in the business to develop results. In one case, use of these methods succeeded in adding £1m to the bottom line.
Levels of System

Systems thinking is closest to the way nature operates. Like it or not, your organisation is a living system.

It starts with the way it thinks, moves to how those thought patterns play out in the structures and methods you use, and lastly, is demonstrated through the lived experience and the interplay of behaviours in your people.

A metaphor for this is fractal geometry: no matter how deep you go, the patterns repeat.