personal power and courage


Exeter, 3 April 2014
Reading, 25 April 2014
“Inspiring topic and really exciting to learn about genuinely new and impactful work.” FL, London

“Felt really empowering and quite bold really. I got great value from the session – thanks.” VI, London

“I liked the challenge of being asked to do something courageous right there and then.” JA, South East
This tried and tested workshop has been run successfully in several guises for over 18 months.

We use our physical bodies and dramatic techniques to develop the concepts on the workshop.

Groups range from 8-16 in size.

Although these are open programmes, all material is treated confidentially - and you'd be amazed by how much strangers really help each other.

everything is connected

If not you, who? If not now, when?

Developing courage, compassion, and connection is a muscle. No matter how depressed we have been, no matter how base our self esteem, it is possible to return. And if already courageous, already confident, how much further could you go?

This one-day workshop looks at our relationship to power - power over, power with, and power within, and playfully works with your own concepts of power in how you speak with yourself and deal with the world.

Once we have established a baseline of understanding about our power relationships, we move into envisioning how to use it more consciously by using our courage. We also position 'courage' more deeply - what it is, how it works, and most importantly, what kind of courage we have individually - for there are many kinds.

Then we practice using our personal courage muscles in every aspect of our being - physical, emotional, rational, and spiritual.