tools for courage development

Courage Mastery Cards

A few years ago we developed our particular take on courage and with it came an understanding of the archetypal examples of courage we see all the time. These 21 Courage Mastery cards, with accompanying booklet, are a useful and practical guide to courage, full of inspiration, hints, tips, examples, and thoughts to help us steer our own decision making around courage.

Use them for:

Self analysis and reflection
Safe feedback from others
Discussion on aspects of courage and leadership
Transitioning being to doing
Give ‘readings’ by asking questions, investing energy
Games and small to-do’s
Tasks to help you build your courage in practical ways

Get in touch if you would like to know more.
Example card: The Creator

The Courageouslife Change Model

We are developing a new change model and accompanying book. Although we live in perpetual political, business, and social change, no current model sufficiently addresses a paradigm in which pople, profit, and planet and survive and prosper together. the Courageouslife change model addresses systemic ways of viewing change, leadership, and followership, whilst at the same time looking a hundred or five hundred years into the future. This model - watch this space - begins this conversation.

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