Part 1 6-10 November 2014
Part 2 19-23 March 2015


South Hams, Devon

Seven Gates

Whole Work

Who do I think I am? What illusions do I hold? How do I live out my life choices more authentically?

Over two sessions in March and November, we will explore the four dimensions of what it is to be human - the rational, the emotional, the physical, and the spiritual - and assist you in defining your life's work and how you may hold yourself accountable to it.

We will work with story and ancient myth, dramatic techniques, the land, and our connection as a group.

Please contact for more infromation and a flyer that explains the retreat and our practice of working with drama and self in the pursuit of authentic worldly action.
We have only 18 places for this wonderful retreat in glorious Devon.

Price includes all sustenance and accommodation whilst on the event, and movement to and from local sites. It does not include travel to the retreat.

Please book early to avoid disappointment.