our life's work

life, work, play - your life's work, your organisation's effect

The proverbial work-life balance. How did we get to the idea that a see-saw or juggling act was a healthy way to be? In what way are our lives separate to our work? And when did we stop playing? - was it when our working lives started to subsume both what we do and how we do it?

Courageouslife projects in this area have yielded some interesting fruit. Asking questions around individual motivation has led us into work on self esteem, on how individuals define and re-define success, and even to question the very nature of growth in our society. Successful work in this area has led to many examples of true empowerment of leaders to follow their path creatively, with more honesty, potency and playfulness - and, of course, better results.

How would it be if, instead of going to work every day, every day we engaged into our life's work? A very different definition of growth.

levels of engagement

We start with the self. Our work typically falls into one of three broad categories of consulting:

  • Individual growth - self awareness and strengths development
  • Organising individuals more effectively around shared team purpose
  • Helping groups of teams to meaningfully galvanise around organisational vision
We hold the view that change and culture are interdependent and inseparable. Addressing changes to behaviour or culture, or instigating new values, are to seek to address the whole way the organisational system operates and cannot be thought of as separate.

In our work around this area we have assisted organisations in the public and private sectors, and at individual, team, organisational, national, and multinational levels.

Our methods have been effective in all of these cases because we start this work with the individuals involved, building capability and motivation in leaders.