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Courageouslife was founded in 2007. Our vision is to assist in creating a new world paradigm of connectedness, courage and compassion, in the service of people and the planet.

In the six years since we have been operating we have run leadership programmes for corporations, helped others in creating new vision and values, worked across the world with multinational organisations to help them change culture, held workshops for individuals to grow their personal power and courage, coached many individuals to personal and public success, and begun a programme of retreats in the UK and abroad.

Our other interests are in social leadership - improving the quality of leadership across the public sector - bringing and principle of 'whole' development to learning, seeking out alternative ways to live (not just material or hierarchical ways), helping others to redefine their meaning of growth and success, and conserving the planet for future generations.

We work with a number of individuals and partners in loose associations built on trust.

Mark Thompson

Sue Holland

Peter Danby

Mark Thompson

​As a people change consultant, Mark works at international level in large and small scale people and cultural transformation initiatives, always aiming to offer trusted advice in assisting organisations to truly understand and capitalise on the power and potential of their people.

His expertise is in consulting, design, and delivery. In consulting, Mark is able to assist senior teams to set authentic and clear purpose, vision, and direction, and establish the right patterns of systemic and cultural imperatives to enable future success. In design and delivery, Mark has had considerable experience and success in matching appropriate solutions to need and delivering high impact leadership development, authentic personal growth, and building high performing senior teams to dramatically redefine and achieve new kinds of organisational success. He is also an experienced personal performance coach.

Mark's current interests are around the transpersonal field of human development: courage, compassion, and connection. How can we invest business with spirit?

Sue Holland

Sue has been an executive coach and facilitator of teams in organisations for nearly 20 years. As a leader herself with Unilever until 1998, she then decided to start her own business and has been facilitating teams and coaching individuals since then. Her experience ranges across many industry sectors: sport, venture capital, TV, retail, manufacturing and a number of governmental organizations. Most recent clients include UK Sport, British Triathlon Federation, UK Athletics, Ulster Hockey, Yahoo!, Medical Research Council, PepsiCo, Unilever, GSK, DLR and Directgov.

She is deeply committed to leadership and team development at all levels of an organisation and holds a philosophical view that ‘self-leadership’ is a pre-requisite for a leader to be able to lead others well. Much of her 1:1 work with leaders focuses on how they can remain effective during transitions, for example around times of organisational change or career promotion. From her years in Unilever’s leadership development centre, she learned a great deal about leadership and team development at both a theoretical and practical implementation level. Sue is passionate about the importance of courageous and honest conversations as a way of building relational trust, authenticity and higher performance.

So what is it like working with Sue?

Many clients describe Sue as “a calm, informal and attentive coach who works supportively with individuals. She is skilled in facilitating the exploration of issues creatively, sensitively and often with a useful sense of humour!”

In terms of the ‘profession’, Sue is a member of the EMCC and is the regional lead for the network in Devon and Cornwall. She adheres to the EMCC code of ethics and standards. Sue describes herself as a life-long learner and pays attention to her own continuous professional development through many routes including; training, reflective practice, annual retreat and facilitation of an adult learning community. Her monthly supervision is a regular reflective practice that gives her a further opportunity for honing her skills. 


Peter Danby

​Peter has worked as a facilitator, coach and programme director for over 20 years. With a background that includes military experience, sports psychology, sports coaching and work as a Reiki Master and in spiritual development and facilitation he brings a range of skills to his work in leadership development.

An associate of London Business School since 1992 and a member of BP’s Global Leadership Faculty since it’s formation in 2009, he has worked across Europe in the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and North America with individuals and teams in companies such as Astra Zeneca, BP, Mars Inc, Muller-Maersk, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sita, SES Global, SOS Villages and T-Mobile.

He has published papers in the London Business School Strategy Review on empowerment, delegation and leadership and contributed to a book, The Learning Society.

Small Acts of Kindness

Small Acts of Kindness (SAOK) is a small charitable trust established with the aim of enriching the lives of children, families and communities in poverty and in areas effected by conflict. Our focus is on creating or supporting educational and developmental programmes and projects - with funds, but more importantly, by getting people personally involved. Currently, we are working with the Tamil communities in Sri Lanka that were so brutalized in the 30-year civil war. You can read about our projects at www.saok.org.uk